At the InnoLAE conference, Emre Ozer, Principal Research Engineer at Arm, gave an overview of the company's activities in flexible electronics. The video was uploaded on the YouTube channel of IMI Europe.

Arm has been developing natively flexible Machine Learning engines as part of the PlasticArmPit project. The fab partner is PragmatIC.

The ‘PlasticArmPit’ project is a 30-month project that started in October 2017. It has been part-funded by Innovate UK, and is led by Arm. The consortium aims to create a proof-of-concept wearable device consisting of an ‘e-nose’ sensor, sensor interface and custom machine learning (ML) processing engine, manufactured on a flexible substrate, before extending this technology to a wide range of alternative applications. The initial use case is for a sensor which can detect body odour and inform the wearer when they need to apply more deodorant.

Arm believes that customized processing engines such as neural networks (NNs) are the key to accelerating development of low-cost and customized flexible, integrated smart systems.