Dr Guillaume Chansin will speak at the conference "Graphene commercialisation from prototypes to products" on 19 September 2018. His presentation will look at the opportunities for graphene in flexible electronics.

Graphene commercialisation from prototypes to products 2018
There are many new advanced materials undergoing development but one particularly has caught attention of many: Graphene, a 2-dimensional material. First isolation and demonstration of remarkable properties began in the United Kingdom. Significant efforts have gone into research across the globe with unprecedented levels of funding dedicated to different stages of development, from very basic scientific understanding through to proof of concept applications. Currently there is also a push for developing standards and procedures enabling proper deployment of these materials into daily use in different applications.
By now Graphene has been labelled as a promising material of our century. Is this because of graphene, a buzzword and push from existing investors or does the material offer something really unique and special to take our civilization to the next level of existence?